Overlord: Raising Hell

Publisher: Codemasters
Genre: N/A
Rating: Teen
# Players: 1
Release Date: 06/2008

      SynopsisEnter a truly twisted fantasy world where classic scenarios are turned on their heads and nothing is as it seems. You are the all-powerful Overlord, risen from the dead to assume a legacy of evil. Your word is law, and your gremlin-like Minions are slavish in their devotion, even to the point of risking their own lives for your every despotic whim. It's time for you to think evil, breed evil and control all as you enter this darkly humorous and ironic game. Enter a richly detailed environment filled with twisted parodies of classic fantasy scenarios and characters in Overlord: Raising Hell. Use your impish Minions to play dirty tricks and increase your power. Explore and conquer five supernatural realms and defend the Overlord's tower against enemy attacks. Seven new online multiplayer maps, including Capture the Maiden and Protect Your Power, expand your wicked possibilities. An on-screen mini map makes it easier to navigate and control the Overlord's world. Drench yourself in evil and get ready to rule with an iron fist.

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