AMF Bowling: World Lanes

Publisher: N/A
Genre: N/A
Rating: E=Everyone
# Players: 1-4
Release Date: 11/2008

      SynopsisThe venues change, but your awesome bowling skills translate across all lands and languages. You size up the pins, their curved silhouettes in perfect formation at the end of the long, smooth lane that stretches out before you, and carefully you assume your stance and line up your ball. With a wry twist to your lips, you draw back the ball and step forward with firm, swift strides. A twist of your wrist and the ball sails down the lane, barreling with smooth purpose toward its destination. Will you land another spectacular strike, or will you be tasked with trying to pick up a spare? Set off on a bowling adventure that will take you around the globe and beyond in AMF Bowling: World Lanes. Showcase your sharpest bowling skills in eight different locations, from the Scottish Highlands to the wonders of outer space, and experience a new and exciting theme in each venue. The game's intuitive controls mimic real bowling, allowing you to put your hard-earned alley skills to use powering your ball down the lane and leaving your competitors in the dust.

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