Wonder World Amusement Park

Publisher: N/A
Genre: N/A
Rating: E=Everyone
# Players: 1-4
Release Date: 07/2008

      SynopsisIf you've ever felt the lure of giant stuffed animals or the sugar-sweet scent of cotton candy on the wind, you'll feel right at home in Wonder World Amusement Park. Experience the fun of rides, games and more as you roam through a fully 3D amusement park. Savor the anticipation as you hover at the top of a sky-high ride or prepare to show off your skills at a tricky carnival game. There's excitement in the air, just waiting for you to seize it. Wonder World Amusement Park offers a variety of thrilling activities suitable for the whole family. Hop onto five exciting interactive rides, ranging from Castle Terror to the Tunnel of Love. Use your Wii Remote and Nunchuk controller to shoot, pump, throw, draw and more in 30 fun mini games and then win tickets to spend on cool prizes. Single-player Story mode lets you easily navigate the park, Quick Play practice mode allows up to four players to access any unlocked games and the turn-by-turn multiplayer Party mode provides wild competitions with your friends. At Wonder World Amusement Park, your Wii is your ticket to fun and adventure.

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